andres marrugo

Writing My Thoughts Down

iPod touch
photo credit: chiarashine via photopin cc

As is often the case, ideas come about in the most unexpected moments. Lately, I’ve found myself taking notes while walking to work, while waiting for a coffee in front of a bending machine, or like now while getting dressed for work.

It’s become a habit of mine to write what I think, when I think it. My iPod touch has enabled that. I could well have pen and paper with me at all times, but I’m not used to that and nothing beats the digital format.

I journal much more now than ever before, and that’s thanks to apps like Day One or Drafts. Writing my thoughts down has never been easier. And, to tell you the truth, it’s liberating. It’s like Merlin Mann says, “your brain has permission to think at all times.” And, as Melissa Donovan says in her book 101 Creative Writing Exercises, “Journaling…promotes observation, self-awareness, and reflection, all skills that great writers must possess”, (by way of Christi Craig). My journaling has come a long way since I started using Day One last year. Some blog posts start there, or even certain personal emails too. Journaling helps me to reflect upon my thoughts and to make important decisions.

I’ve always been fond of writing, yet I’ve never had such an intimate relationship with my thoughts and my inner self. I believe that writing brings about the best in me. Through writing I can look at my human face and recognize my afflictions and ghosts.

Even as I sit here on my bed, tying my shoelaces, I feel an urge to get my thoughts out. I had never experienced this strong desire before. I, however, am totally aware that the more I write, the more I feel this urge. It’s quite fascinating and at times I just can’t help myself.

Happy new year to all my readers. Hope you had a nice time during the holidays and that you soon start your 2013 projects motivated and committed to getting things done – at least that’s my main purpose for this year.