andres marrugo

The Perils of Talking Too Much

photo credit: mkorsakov via photopin cc

All too often I see people who simply talk too much.1 Wether what they speak is nonsense or even meaningful things, there’s a limit to how much one can tolerate.

By talking too much – and too often – we miss out on many things. We don’t let others speak (which to my understanding is common courtesy), and worse of all we lose our capacity to empathize with others. We can’t read faces well while uttering words out of our mouths continuously. Loosing that feedback is what prompts us to speak without pause and with no care for what the people around us may feel. It’s what turns you into a prick. We’re just too focused on ourselves to care about others.

Having no feedback at all is dangerous, it really is. You tend to get the feeling that you’re always right. Usually, people are too polite to interrupt you and bring you down a notch and say, it takes two to converse! This is no lecture. A conversation is about sharing and paying attention to your conversation partner’s needs.

It is no surprise that by talking too much we may alienate our loved ones and friends from our lives. They’ll avoid us and our utterances at all times. It is this kind of behavior that we have to be careful about.

  1. I used to be one of those, I know better now.