andres marrugo

In Praise of Slow

I have a recurrent discussion with my wife.

She likes to do most things as fast as possible.

I like to pause and think about things, and do them often slowly. At my pace.

I think that if you do things too quickly you might not be fully aware of what you’re doing.

You might feel that you are not really in charge of your life.

You might feel that you can’t really remember things truly.

Like nothing becomes a memorable experience.

You have no time for metacognition and self-awareness.

I wrote these lines before finding out about this book In Praise of Slow by Carl Honoré. It seems this has inspired the slow-movement which tries to raise awareness of how we need to take it easy and enjoy life. Like the saying goes, anything worth doing is worth doing slowly.

It seems I have a new book to read.